National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) customers need to be approved through their provider before orders can be processed.

Standard seat belts are not suitable for many passengers with special needs. The wearer is able to ‘wriggle’ out of the seat belt or, into a position such that the seat belt may become dangerous. Check the Special Needs Harness Guide for detailed information.

The Special Needs Harness is designed to envelop the passenger’s trunk, thus following the wearer’s movement and remaining in the correct, safest configuration. The wearer is unable to remove the harness. In exceptional cases, an extra ‘anti-submarine’ strap can be added to prevent the wearer sliding down & forward.

The Small Special Needs Harness must only be used for children weighing under 36kg, as the harness is designed to attach to the existing child seat anchorage in the vehicle.

The Medium and Large Special Needs Harnesses are designed to attach to an adult seat belt anchorage. The anchorage is made using a snap fitting and eye bolt for quick release. All vehicles in which the harness is to be used will need to be fitted with and anchorage point.

These harnesses should only be used for users with special needs, they are not a substitute for standard seat belt or child restraint. All State Governments require a medical certificate for the use of Special Needs Harnesses. We suggest discussion with designated case workers who can work through the guidelines as set out in AS4370 'Restraint of children with disabilities, or medical conditions, in motor vehicles'.

part # description size
1820000 Special needs harness
(includes 1 1820020) Instructions
1820001 Special needs harness
(includes 1 1820021, 1 1820030) Instructions
1820002 Special needs harness
(includes 1 1820021, 1 1820030) Instructions
1820010 Anti-submarine strap 600mm
1820011 Anti-submarine strap 700mm
1820012 Anti-submarine strap 800mm
1820013 Anti-submarine strap 900mm
1820020 Tether strap Small
1820021 Tether strap with snap connector for eye bolts Large/Medium
1820030 Eye Bolt Assembly NA

 Your Special Needs Harness can be modified to suit your needs, call us to discuss your requirements

For further information about the harnesses and the sizes available, please refer to our Special Needs Harness Guide

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