Hemco Industries operates a large warehousing facility in Ballarat, Victoria. We look after clients of any size, whether it is one pallet, or ten thousand, for one day, or for a year.

Storage environments are tailored to suit clients needs. Current storage environments include:

  • Food Grade.
  • Blast freezers (-30C degrees).
  • Freezers (-18C degrees).
  • Chillers (+4C degrees).
  • Chillers (+6C degrees).
  • Ambient.
  • 24 hour, 7 day service.
  • Stable environment (+18C degrees).
  • Stable environment (+25C degrees).
  • Warm room (+35C degrees).
  • Hot room (+55C degrees).
  • Humidity controlled.
  • Outside storage.


Hemco runs a small fleet of vehicles that service the Ballarat area. These range from one-tonne utilities to twenty-tonne semi-trailers. These include pan-tech, taut-liner and tray bodies. There are also chiller trucks available for heat sensitive goods.

For transport outside Ballarat, Hemco can organise subcontractors to pickup or deliver anywhere in Australia.

Hemco is a registered Loscam pallet depot for dehire/issues, and is located close to the Ballarat Chep depot. Pallets can be freely exchanged.